Roitberg E.S., Kuranova V.N., Bulakhova N.A., Orlova V.F., Eplanova G.V., Shamgunova R.R., Hofmann S., Zinenko O.I., Yakovlev V.A. (2012). Geographic variation in reproductive traits and female body size in the common lizard, Zootoca vivipara: The Problems of Herpetology, 274279. Minsk (in Russian).

Using original and published data on female body length (SVL), clutch size, offspring mass, and other related traits collected in 43 populations from a larger part of Northern Eurasia we documented patterns of geographic variation of these traits and investigated the possible effects of reproductive mode, phylogeny, and climate. Oviparous populations tend to have higher newborn mass than viviparous populations but these two groups do not differ for clutch size adjusted for female SVL. The latter parameter tends to increase in sites with warmer summer. Across study samples, SVL of gravid females tends to decrease in milder climates but several populations deviate strongly from this trend.