Roitberg E.S. (1994b). A morphological analysis of the Caucasian rock lizards, Lacerta caucasica caucasica and L. c. daghestanica from a contact zone. - Russian Journal of Herpetology, vol.1, N 2, 179-184.

About 170 specimens of L. c. caucasica and L. c. daghestanica from two localities, where they had been found to coexist sympatrically, were studied for colour pattern and 7 meristic scale characters. In Khorachoi (southeastern Chechenia), specimens of the two forms differ clearly in their dorsal pattern and form two sharply discrete classes along PC I in principal component analyses of scalation; a distinct hiatus between the two taxa was revealed for the superciliary granulae number. In Khvarshi (western Daghestan), the morphological separation between the two forms is somewhat weaker than in Khorachoi for both scalation and color pattern. Some reproductive isolation between L. c. caucasica and L. c. daghestanica in the studied sections of their contact zone is proposed.