Roytberg E. S. & Smirina E. M. (1995). Age- and size composition of some populations of Lacerta agilis boemica and L. strigata (Sauria, Lacertidae) from eastern North Caucasus. - G.A.Llorente, M.A.Carretero, X.Santos (eds.). Scientia Herpetologica: 224-228.

Adult and subadult specimens (N=155) from a high-mountain population of L. agilis and a foothill population of L. agilis and sympatric L. strigata from Daghestan were measured for snout-vent length and aged by counting annual layers in their femoral bones. In the foothill populations about 60% of adult males and 80% of adult females were 2-yr-old animals while lizards surviving more than 3 hibernations made up 0-20%. Age composition of the high- mountain population was substantially different, being skewed to older age groups.

Maximum age for the samples studied was 6-7 years. In L. agilis the adult females from the high-mountain population were on an average larger than those from the foothill population that can be largely attributed to the differences in age composition.